Friday, October 8, 2010

Rising above his past: Dave Dahl ex con to successful businessman

Dave Dahl's life hasn't been easy. He was addicted to drugs. He was arrested. He spent time in prison. But he was determined to live a better life. So when he got out of prison, he contacted his brother who ran the family bakery business and started working his way up making dough.

His drive to make a better bread has led to a whole new life and a successful line of breads for the business. Dave's Killer Breads are made with organic, fresh, simple ingredients with no additives or preservatives like other breads. The "Killer Breads" have been so successful, the business has expanded and now, Dave wants to share the wealth by giving back to the community that helped get him back on his feet.

Hear how Dave changed his life and rose above his past in this podcast interview with Mike Turner on the website, Voices of Living Creatively.

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