Saturday, June 19, 2010

The oil spill, diving and his father: A Conversation with Jean-Michel Cousteau

A Conversation With Cousteau
"The Sea is Everything"

Ever since his father pushed him into the ocean at age 7 on his first dive, Jean-Michel Cousteau has been in love with diving and the ocean. Now he dives for fun and for science, as did his famous father, Jacques Cousteau. His visit to the Gulf oil spill left him deeply saddened by the destruction of wildlife and the ocean itself. In this podcast on Voices of Living Creatively, you can listen to Jean-Michel talk about the disaster in the gulf as well as his famous father.

His new book "My Father, The Captain: My Life with Jacques Cousteau." is being released now as a celebration of the 100th anniversary of his late father's birth on June 10th 1910. The conversation reveals a complex and loving relationship between father and son who also worked together as captain and crew, boss and manager of the Cousteau Society.

Jean-Michel Cousteau, who is also President of the Ocean Futures Society and Executive Producer of Ocean Adventures on PBS, talks about the disaster in the Gulf and how to avoid future oil spills.