Thursday, February 25, 2010

Keeping Portland Weird: A creative way to make a living.

According to two Portland business owners, being weird and living creatively are not only good for your life but good for business, too. Music Millennium owner, Terry Currier brought the saying "Keep Portland Weird" to the city and Impresa consulting firm owner, Joe Cortright say it makes perfect economic sense to keep Portland weird. It's these weird ideas that eventually lead to new ideas and innovation that create new business and a thriving new economy.

Many companies in the so-called new economy see a creative company culture as an important element of their success. One such company is, where CEO Tony Hsieh asks those who apply to the company, "How weird are you?" Zappos uses a weirdness gauge from 1 to 10 to hire new employees.

To find out how the weirdness scale works and how other companies are getting business by being weird, listen to the podcast on Voices of Living Creatively website at

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